CatioVital Lifting Treatment

Instant Lifting Treatment

Treatment's goals

Facial features are lifted and contours resculpted.

This treatment helps restore youthful tone to the skin for a face lifting and rejuvenating effect.

Treatment type

Machine Treatment

Skin type

All skins

Suggested price

85 to 120€

CatioVital Lifting Treatment

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Facial features are lifted and contours resculpted.


Techniques avec Appareil CatioVital Cellular Energy

Anti-ageing tissue draining

Decongests the lymph system and refines facial features.

Muscle Stimulation

Stimulates muscle activity with an immediate lifting effect on the skin.

Massage using Essential Oils

Adapted to the different beauty goal, Essential Oils release their beneficial properties and beauty-enhancing energy into the heart of the skin.


Appareil de Soin

A patented treatment device exclusive to Mary Cohr, Catiovital Cellular Energy awakens cellular activity by electrostimulation for a visible rejuvenating effect after one hour of treatment.

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The Esthetician's Advice

In cure, 1 Care per week for 3 weeks *;

In Total Youth treatment (1 Care Age Signes Reverse / 1 Care CatioVital Youth / 1 Care CatioVital Lifting): 1 Care per week for 3 weeks.

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