TechniSPA® Soothing Legs Treatment

Refreshed and light-feeling legs all year round!

Treatment's goals
  • Legs look more beautiful, refined and slimmer.

  • This treatment resculpts the legs and leaves them feeling lighter and more comfortable.

Treatment type

Machine Treatment

Skin type

All skins, Normal skin

Suggested price

40 à 45€

TechniSPA® Soothing Legs Treatment

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By the end of the treatment, the legs have regained their comfort and lightness. The legs are slimmer, more streamlined and more beautiful.

*Tests réalisés après 6 Soins Technispa® Advanced System Jambes Légères.

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Techniques Avec Appareil TechniSPA®

L’Effet Drainant

Grâce à la double action du "palper-rouler", les tissus sont désengorgés et la microcirculation est facilitée. Dès la fin du Soin, les jambes retrouvent leur légèreté.

La Double Ionisation

L’effet de la Double Ionisation augmente la pénétration, l’efficacité et la diffusion des actifs veinotonifiants.

Expert advice

Depending on your Beauty Objective, we recommend a treatment of 3 to 20 treatments. Starting with an intensive phase of 2 treatments per week, then 1 treatment every 15 days in the stabilisation phase and 1 treatment per month in the maintenance phase.

Contraindication: Pace-makers, metal parts and subcutaneous implants, pregnancy, cancer, wounds, eczema, haematomas, consequent varicose veins, phlebitis, severe kidney dysfunction.

We recommended that you contact your doctor before beginning the Treatment.

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Care Device

The TechniSPA® is a patented body care device, exclusively reserved for Mary Cohr Institutes.

The exceptional performance of the device is based on 3 innovative technologies, thus ensuring a potentiated slimming effect.

Appareil Technispa
Soin TechniSPA® Jambes Légères