Fabric Mask VS Cream Mask, what is the difference?

The application of a face mask is essential to take care of your skin. With moisturizing, purifying or nourishing virtues, it is generally known to be in the form of cream but recently masks in fabrics made their appearance. But what is the difference? We answer you.

The mask is a key step in the beauty routine to have a perfect skin. Whether it's made of fabric or cream, its purpose is to improve the appearance of the skin by addressing a problem such as dry or blemished skin. This is why it is imperative to include them in your beauty routine. However, they are not used in the same way nor at the same frequency. We explain.

The cream mask as a complement to your beauty routine

The mask is a ritual care that has existed for thousands of years. Today, they are more and more elaborated with different textures for a moment of relaxation. They allow to calm the degradations of the skin as the cutaneous ageing, the loss of firmness, the dryness... However, they all have a common point: the hydration, because whatever the problem of our skin, this one needs to be hydrated. The cream mask is applied to the entire face, with priority given to the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin) and left on for about ten minutes before rinsing. It is applied once or twice a week as a complement to a beauty routine. There are masks in each of our ranges, Hydration, Purity, Longevity... and they all aim to treat a specific skin problem. The Hydrosmosis mask is a must-have since it is designed to make the skin softer and more radiant in just 10 minutes.

The fabric mask to heal

Richer and with a longer break-in time (about 20 minutes), the fabric mask can be used instead of a serum which has a more targeted action as in a cure to solve a skin problem such as lack of hydration. It is pre-soaked with active ingredients and once applied to the face, these active ingredients will diffuse into the layers of the epidermis, boosting its effectiveness. It must contain between 25 to 35 ml of serum to be really effective. It is generally used 2 to 3 times a week and concerns the most sensitive skins. It is therefore important to find the right fabric mask for your skin's needs, especially in cabin care products such as the multi-purity treatment, which rebalances, mattifies and unifies the skin and makes imperfections disappear.

Don't hesitate to visit your institute and ask your Mary Cohr beautician for advice to find the right mask for your skin.