Hair removal that lasts is possible!

with Mary Cohr care products

What if it were possible to space out the waxing a little? Trust the expert hands of the beautician.

Do you want to have smooth legs, impeccable underarms and a perfect bikini line? Of course, start by preparing your skin beforehand. Exfoliate twice a week to remove ingrown hairs from under the skin and moisturise your skin well. Except on the big day, when it's best to avoid using a milk or cream. Also avoid exposure to the sun just before or after waxing. Finally, choose your hair removal technique carefully. Forget anything that can break the hair or cut it. Prefer effective and safe methods that remove the hair at the root, and above all, entrust your body to an esthetician. Marie-Noëlle Bort, Mary Cohr Training Manager, explains all the techniques for impeccable, long-lasting hair removal.

The benefits of hair removal in an institute

There is nothing like the hands of an expert to remove hair to perfection! She assesses the quality of the skin and hair, takes into account the area to be depilated and thus carries out a personalised depilation for each client. Her expert technique allows her to remove hair perfectly and to offer a long-lasting result, while respecting a hygiene protocol: disinfection of the area, hair removal with gloves on intimate areas, etc. It also ensures maximum comfort for the client by holding the tissues in place during the removal process, particularly in sensitive areas.

High performance resins

At Mary Cohr, we use patented resins, produced in laboratories to pharmaceutical standards. Made from French pine resin, they ensure perfect safety and high tolerance. They are made without irritating ingredients, without rosin, and ensure maximum comfort when pulling out. The skin does not pull. This method coats the base of the hair and pulls it out to the bulb, thus preventing rapid regrowth. The resin is applied with a very hygienic and ergonomic metal spatula.

Delayed regrowth

After hair removal, the beautician applies Depil Stop Gel, an anti-growth concentrate, which penetrates quickly to the bulb and delivers a shot of active ingredients to delay regrowth and soothe. At home, take over with the Depil Stop range, to be applied daily until the next hair removal. Based on papaya extract, these products limit the formation of hair under the skin.  Enriched with lemon extract and seaweed extract, they lighten and refine the hair. Choose the formula according to the depilated area: Depil Stop Serum for a soothing and anti-growth action after depilation. Depil Stop Deo for underarms, a two-in-one product. Depil Stop Cream for the face and body. And finally, Depil Stop Sensitive Areas for the most fragile areas.