How do you get rid of the imperfections?

If your skin is prone to pimples after the summer, fade them with a few simple steps.

During the summer, your skin was glowing. It was beautifully tanned, and almost all its imperfections had disappeared. Not surprisingly, in the face of UV rays, the epidermis triggers a natural self-defence process: its corneal layer thickens and imperfections fade away. But when it returns from holiday, when it is no longer exposed to the sun, it undergoes a metamorphosis. It becomes thinner again and the imperfections reappear a few days after returning to school. This is called the rebound effect. The good news is that there are effective solutions to erase unwanted skin imperfections and restore your skin to its former glory. No need to strip it, adopt gentle methods. Marie-Noëlle Bort, Mary Cohr Training Manager, gives you her advice on how to achieve flawless skin.

Make an appointment with your beautician

A good facial is the ideal ally for a new skin. Your beautician can adapt it to your current needs. The ideal treatment? The Multi-Purity treatment, which combines the Thermo Enzymatic Scrub, which eliminates dead cells and whose thermal action opens the pores of the skin. The application of the Purity Regulating Mask absorbs excess sebum and leaves the skin supple. After rinsing the mask, the blackheads are removed. The treatment ends with the application of the Purifying Corrector Serum, in order to reduce shine and avoid imperfections. This 40-minute ritual is to be performed as a 3-week treatment, with a weekly treatment. If you have oily skin, your beautician may recommend two treatments in the first week.

Take care of your skin at home

Take care of your make-up removal and remember that even if you don't wear make-up, it is essential to cleanse your skin every night with a gentle formula such as Purifying Cleansing Foam. Once or twice a week, remove dead skin cells with a mechanical or organic scrub. Follow this with a mask such as the Purifying Mask, then apply mattifying and regulating formulas such as those in the purity range: Purifying Corrective Serum or Moisturizing Matifluid in particular. Finally, if you have occasional pimples, apply an anti-imperfection gel like Microbiotic. In three days, blemishes will disappear.