How to take care of your eye area?

Our tips for pampering it.

This area is essential to give the face a youthful, rested look and a radiant complexion. Our advice for pampering it.

The eye contour is an area that ages prematurely. Its thin skin is subject to the many folds of the face. To take care of it, make an appointment at an institute for a protocol carried out by an expert. You can choose the Eye Lifting ritual, which responds to all the problems of signs of fatigue and ageing thanks to manual modelling, muscular stimulation with micro-currents and the application of a specific mask. Another option: the Eye Repair treatment, which combines dynamic ionisation, modelling and the application of an eye mask. These 40-minute treatments should be done as a cure, for optimal effectiveness. To prolong the benefits of the cabin treatments, adopt targeted rituals at home. Marie-Noëlle Bort, Mary Cohr Training Manager, gives us her advice.

You are tired, your eyes are dark circles

At home, use a care product with a metallic tip, with a cold and decongesting effect. As for the formula, use active ingredients that drain away excess water and caffeine, which has a de-stocking action to remove excess fat, as in Mary Cohr's Eye Fresh Relaxing Eye Care, with its gel-cream texture. Apply them morning and night to avoid puffy eyes in the morning. If necessary, store your product in the fridge to reinforce its decongesting action.

Your first signs of ageing appear

Rehydrate your eye contour area and smooth fine lines with targeted active ingredients such as hydrospheres, and boost microcirculation to reduce dark circles. Mary Cohr's Hydrosmosis Eye Care is your best ally. Apply it morning and night for a smoother, fresher look.

Your wrinkles are marked

Rejuvenate your eyes and their contour with a treatment that firms the eye area and offers an immediate tightening effect. This is the case with Nouvelle Jeunesse Eye Contour. Another option is a cream that lifts the eyelids and fades blemishes, such as Age Signes Reverse Eyes, if your eyes are droopy.

You need an S.O.S. treatment

Before or after an evening out, apply a mask-patch to the entire eye area. In just 8 minutes, it smoothes, plumps up and relaxes the entire area. During the application time, take the opportunity to relax and unwind, in order to relax your features.