Scrub and mask, the essential duo

A champion at removing dead skin cells, facial scrubbing is an integral part of the beauty ritual.

But did you know that it must be followed by a mask? We explain why.

The facial scrub or exfoliator is an essential treatment that beauticians use in the salon, in almost all treatment protocols, just after make-up removal. It is also a product to be used at home, one to three times a week, depending on your skin type, and to be massaged in with gentle movements, either at the time of application or after the application time, depending on the formula. In summer, after the holidays, it revives radiance immediately and evens out the tan. In winter, it gives the skin a smoother, more radiant appearance. In spring, it helps refine skin texture and give a fresher complexion. In short, it is the skin care product to use at almost any time of the year.

Sandrine Carliez, International Trainer Guinot - Mary Cohr, gives her advice on how to choose it and use it wisely.

The scrub, the beautiful skin asset

In a single step, the scrub eliminates dead cells and pollution particles, and thus removes the dull veil that can stagnate on the surface of the face. Thanks to it, the skin regains all its radiance. It is also effective in boosting microcirculation and promoting cell renewal. It also refines the skin texture. Finally, by eliminating the horny layer, it favours the penetration of the active ingredients that will be applied afterwards by 30% and therefore makes them even more effective.

Mechanical or enzymatic, which to choose?

The mechanical scrub is a granular scrub. The action of exfoliating beads such as apricot kernel powder, pomegranate grains or jojoba microbeads helps to eliminate dead cells. This type of exfoliator is ideal for thick or oily skin. The enzymatic scrub is a grain-free scrub, like the Gentle Foliant with Lily Essences. With a cream or gel texture, it contains active ingredients, usually enzymes or fruit acids, which dissolve dead cells and impurities. They are suitable for sensitive skin or skin prone to acne, but also dry skin because of their softer texture. Note that some scrubs, such as the Gentle Radiance Scrub, combine a mechanical action with an enzymatic action.

What gesture should I use?

Take inspiration from the gestures used in the salon, which are always very gentle. Above all, don't rub or use abrasive accessories, especially if your scrub contains exfoliating particles, which could irritate the skin.

The right thing to do? Place your thumbs under your chin and massage the texture with slow movements, using your index and middle fingers, insisting on wrinkles or the sides of your nose.

Why use a mask right afterwards?

The mask has an immediate action that is increased tenfold when it is done after the scrub. Depending on the formula chosen, the mask provides a bath of hydration, nutrition, regeneration... It is a quick and effective solution after a too short night, a day in the cold or heat, etc. The mask helps to rebalance the skin's needs. It is best to have several at home, with different benefits. The Hydrosmosis Mask to moisturise, the Multisensitive Mask to soothe, the New Youth Mask for radiance and youthfulness and the Instant Repair Mask for intense skin nutrition... With the scrub, its action is multiplied tenfold. The tip Under your mask, slip a serum that has the same functions, its effectiveness will be reinforced.