How to lighten your legs?

Restore their tone and vitality with a few simple reflexes.

Hidden all winter under tights or trousers, they are revealed in the summer months, enhancing your skirts, dresses or shorts. But they can also become a source of discomfort, especially if you are prone to water retention and when the thermometer starts to rise. They can swell and become heavy. This is especially true if you spend your day walking or working on your feet. The good news is that there are solutions to make your legs feel lighter and more comfortable. In an institute or at home, we give you all the solutions to get light, slender and toned legs. Marie-Noëlle Bort, Mary Cohr training manager, gives you her tips for legs that look great in summer and winter.

Take advantage of an institute treatment

This is the solution for getting rid of swollen legs and feet. The Double Palper-Rouler Drainant treatment with Technispa has been developed in response to this problem. It drains, disinfects the tissues and promotes venous return. Thanks to its veinotonic active ingredients, it has an immediate effect. 

The right rhythm? Two 30-minute sessions, twice a week. Another option is the Energising Drainage and Light Legs Wrap, a 30-minute manual treatment that combines expert draining manoeuvres and a compression wrap. It provides an intense cooling sensation. You can combine the two if you wish.

Focus on the right active ingredients

In addition to these treatments, apply creams that bring freshness and lightness to your legs. The Relaxing Essences Gel is a good ally. It combines menthol, camphor, soothing essential oils and arnica to soothe and tone. Marie-Noëlle Bort's advice? Store it in the fridge for an even fresher effect and reapply it several times a day if necessary. You can even apply it over your tights. Massage it in from the bottom upwards, massaging the arch of the foot well, then take the whole leg between your thumb and index finger to drain.

Do the right thing

Take inspiration from yoga classes. Lying on the floor, raise your legs to rest them along the wall at a right angle to relax them and encourage circulation. In the shower, run a cool stream of water, powerful if possible, from the arch of your foot to the top of your thigh. Finally, give yourself a footbath on your way home from work. Pour a few drops of essential oil into a basin to restore tone and vitality to the feet.