Firmness: our tips for maintaining it

Don't let sagging skin set in! We give you our tips for a more toned skin, on the face as well as on the body.

Over the years, the skin is subject to many changes. Collagen and elastin diminish, muscles gradually melt. These phenomena linked to skin ageing lead to a loss of firmness, both on the face and the body. Fortunately, there are solutions to fight against sagging and give the skin a little more tone. Maeva Coutrel, Mary Cohr Training Manager, reveals her tips and tricks for gaining firmness by all means. Home treatments, institute protocols, targeted gestures, we give you all the keys to success. 

A redesigned face

To prevent your skin from slackening, entrust your face to a Mary Cohr beauty professional. She can stimulate your skin and give it a little firming boost. You can choose between the Age Firming treatment, which, after a double dermabrasion, works on the tissues with a manual modelling of the face and neck. Or the Catiovital Lifting treatment, which after a manual drainage, consists in stimulating the muscles, to give them back tone and restore volumes. In addition to these cabin treatments, to be programmed once a week, use formulas containing active ingredients that fight against collagen degradation, such as Alaria Esculenta algae extract, and that strengthen the skin's architecture, such as sea buckthorn extract. They are found in Age Firming cream. To create a mesh on the surface of the skin, you can complete with the Lifting Firming Serum, which tightens the features and smoothes wrinkles. Finally, use the right technique when applying your skin care products. Use kneading and beating movements, followed by palpating and rolling movements, from the corners of the mouth to the ears.

A reshaped body

Of course, you can't keep your body toned without regular physical activity. Use a product like Body Age Firming, which boosts collagen synthesis and tightens the skin thanks to Hydroxyproline, Polyosides and Brown Algae extract. Apply it once or twice a day, using circular movements, focusing on the areas where you feel that the sagging is more important. As a complement, your Mary Cohr expert can give you the Double Palpate-Roll Firming treatment, which uses TechniSPA® to drain the body and tighten the skin. It improves the quality of the skin and gives it more firmness over the course of the sessions. There is no age limit for this treatment, you can do prevention at 25 years old, or give yourself a new firmness.