Multi Slim Treatment

Personalised Fat-Reducing & Fluid-Reducing Slimming Treatment

Treatment's goals

Exclusive multi-action (anti-fat & anti-water) and multi-zone (thanks to the personalised modelling) slimming treatment method.

The personalised protocol allows the treatment to be adapted to your slimming needs. Thus, the beautician specifically targets the areas to be treated for optimal effectiveness.

Whether the curves are located on the upper or lower part of the body and whether the cellulite is adipose or aqueous, this treatment adapts to all morphologies.

Treatment type

Personalized Slimming Treatment

Skin type

All skin types

Suggested price

70 to 85€

Multi Slim Treatment

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Beauty Results

After 60 minutes of treatment, the figure is redefined and less bloated, cellulite is minimised.


Manual Techniques

Orange Skin Scrub

Orange Skin Scrub

This optional phase allows, thanks to the double mechanical and enzymatic exfoliation, to smooth the "orange peel" and to open the pores of the skin. This exfoliation also helps to refine the contours by promoting the burning of fat and the drainage of water.
Vital Essences Body Care

Vital Essences Body Care

Vital Essences Body Care increases the absorption and effectiveness of active ingredients applied afterwards.

Slimming Massage

Slimming Massage

The Beauty Therapist performs Slimming Massage with expert manoeuvres to help break down and eliminate fat deposits.

The personalised massage targets specific areas of concern.

Slimming Body Wrap

Slimming Body Wrap

Slimming Body Wrap has a ‘sauna effect’ that helps reduce and remove excess fluid in the skin. The skin’s ‘orange peel’ appearance is minimised.

Beautician's advice

For maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to use Multi Slim twice a week for one month, then once a week as a maintenance treatment.

Contraindications: Pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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