Technispa® Anti-cellulite Slimming Treatment

Effective, rapid and long-lasting results

Treatment's goals

The figure is resculpted, contours appear slimmer and dimpled cellulite looks smoother.

This treatment breaks down stubborn fat to contour the figure and visibly diminish cellulite locally or in problem areas subject to weight gain.

Treatment type

Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatments

Skin type

All skins

Suggested price

70 to 85€

Technispa® Anti-cellulite Slimming Treatment

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Beauty Results

A proven loss of fatty tissue. A more beautiful, supple and softer skin...

91% of women confirmed the reduction of the orange peel appearance. 

Satisfaction test carried out on a panel of 12 women

*Scientific results after 6 sessions on a panel of 12 women.


Techniques with TechniSPA® equipment

The exceptional performance of TechniSPA® treatments is achieved by combining three specific technologies simultaneously:
Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration

Double Dermo Lipo-Aspiration

In just one technical movement, the massage handle performs two slimming movements. Lipo-aspiration draws in the skin so that two folds of skin appear, doubling the treatment’s effectiveness in the same treatment time.

Patented system.

Slimming Double Ionisation

Slimming Double Ionisation

The double ionisation technique increases the absorption and circulation of active slimming ingredients contained in the Actiserums, thereby increasing the treatment’s effectiveness.

Slimming Thermal Effect

Slimming Thermal Effect

The heat-diffusing process softens fat on the skin’s surface and increases microcirculation to facilitate drainage.


Treatment equipment

The Technispa® is a patented body care device, exclusively reserved for Mary Cohr Institutes.

The exceptional performances of the device 3 innovative technologies, thus ensuring a potentiated slimming effect.

TechniSPA® Minceur Anti-Cellulite Treatment

Expert advice

Depending on your Beauty Objective, we recommend a treatment of 3 to 20 treatments. Starting with an intensive phase of 2 treatments per week, then 1 treatment every 15 days in the stabilisation phase and 1 treatment per month in the maintenance phase.

Contraindication: Pace-makers, metal parts and subcutaneous implants, pregnancy, cancer, wounds, eczema, haematomas, consequent varicose veins, phlebitis, severe kidney dysfunction.

We recommended that you contact your doctor before beginning the Treatment.

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