Pedi Peeling Treatment

Softness and youth for my feet

Treatment's goals

The skin on the feet looks "brand new" and feels smooth, soft, and intensely moisturised.

This foot renewal and peeling treatment restores comfort and a more youthful appearance to the feet. 

It provides global skincare action: a "new skin" effect on the bottom and a more youthful appearance on both the bottom and top of the feet.

Treatment type

Foot Treatment

Skin type

Dry skin

Suggested price

35 to 45€

Pedi Peeling Treatment

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Beauty Results

In 30 minutes of treatment: The skin of the feet is "like new", smooth and soft. The feet are more comfortable and visibly younger.

*Results after 1 treatment. 

Panel of 13 subjects.


Manual techniques

Foot pH Peeling

Foot pH Peeling

Removes dead skin and softens rough patches, allowing the Aesthetician to eliminate all residue and smooth away imperfections using an exclusive spatula.
New Youth Foot Care

New Youth Foot Care

Intensely regenerates the fragile skin on the feet and envelops them in a protective soft veil, restoring comfort and moisture to the "renewed" skin.

Renovating foot care

The treatment that offers instant Beauty results.

The skin on the feet looks "brand new".

The feet feel more comfortable.

The feet have more youthful appearance.

The skin on the feet is smooth & soft.

Renovating foot care
Pedi Peeling Treatment

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