Light Legs Treatment

Energizing Drainage & Compressive Wrap

Treatment's goals

No more feeling of heaviness, the legs are refined, lighter and more comfortable.

This Draining and Energizing Care allows to find fresh and lighter legs.

Treatment type

Light Legs Care

Skin type

All skins, Normal skin

Suggested price

45 to 55€

Light Legs Treatment

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In only 30 minutes

The feeling of heavy legs is reduced: the legs are fresh and lighter.the legs are streamlined and toned.the spider veins are reduced and the skin is smoother.


Manual techniques

Energizing Drainage

Energizing Drainage

Ice Legs Lotion contained in the bag

Specific draining techniques

Drain tissues to eliminate toxins

Unclog tissues for more comfortable legs

Activate microcirculation to tone the legs

Enveloppement « compressif » Jambes Légères

Enveloppement « compressif » Jambes Légères

Refining and sheathing

Compressive" wrap strips

Compress for lighter legs

Refresh with a long-lasting effect

Sheathing effect for slimmed down legs

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