30 to 60 min

Global De-Stressing Treatment

Invigorating Manual Body Treatments SpA Aromatique® Corps

Treatment's goals

Even the most deep-seated tension is released from the body and the skin feels silky smooth. 

This treatment is inspired by Swedish, Japanese and Maori massage techniques.

Treatment type

Manual Treatment

Skin type

All skins

Suggested price

50 to 95€

Global De-Stressing Treatment

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Treatment Results

After the Treatment, the body feels as de-stressed as after spending a full weekend at a spa. The skin is comfortable and soft to the touch.


Manual techniques

De-stressing massage with Essential Oils

De-stressing massage with Essential Oils

Thanks to the pressure and enveloping techniques used by the Beauty Therapist, the de-stressing massage offers a sensation of absolute relaxation, allowing the body to fully unwind and tension to fade away.

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