Dermo Peeling Treatment with Dermabrasion

Skin renewal treatment

Treatment's goals

For a "new skin" in only 50 minutes, Mary Cohr has created the Dermo Peeling Care with a protocol adapted to the sensitivity of your skin:

The Dermabrasion Peeling for all sensitive skin.

The Dermo Peeling with Dermabrasion is a skin renewal treatment designed for sensitive skin and is a real alternative to aesthetic medicine for :

Erase visible signs of ageing

Recover a radiant complexion

Attenuate dark spots

Brighten skin tone

Treatment type

Radiance Treatment

Skin type

Sensitive Skin

Suggested price

75 to 90€

Dermo Peeling Treatment with Dermabrasion

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Beauty Results

At the end of the treatment,


Appareil de Soin

Patented treatment device exclusively at Mary Cohr, CatioVital Cellular Energy awakens cellular activity by electrostimulation for a visible rejuvenating effect after one hour of treatment.

GUI-App-CatioVital OUVERT-01
Soin Dermo Peeling : Le Soin Peeling rénovateur de peau

Manual Treatment

The Dermabrasion Peeling

eliminates dead surface cells.

The Derma Neuve Massage

Regenerates skin cells.

The Derma Beauté Mask

soothes skin and enhances beauty.