Testimonials from Mary Cohr beauticians

They have put their trust in us

Testimony of Natalie DOS SANTOS, Mary Cohr affiliate since 2003

Nathalie Dos Santos, manager of the first Mary Cohr franchise opened in France, has just opened her second affiliated Institute. She explains to us the reasons that pushed her to open another affiliated Institute 12 years later.

"I trust my teams 100%, which allowed us to make +20% on November 2015 compared to November 2014 in Grenoble"

You were the first to trust the Mary Cohr franchise concept, can you go back to your background?

After obtaining a baccalaureate in management, I chose aesthetics with the aim of quickly opening an institute. So I passed my CAP and an international certificate to be able to work in all countries. I created my first salon in 1988 in Uriage-les-Bains in Isère, distributing the Guinot and Mary Cohr brands. During a training course at the Paris headquarters, I met a beautician who was in charge of the pilot Mary Cohr institute located on rue du Commerce in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. She showed me around and I liked the concept right away. When the Mary Cohr franchise agreement was set up, I was the first to sign. In 2003, I opened my Mary Cohr franchised institute in Grenoble, and to devote myself fully to its development, I sold the one in Uriage-Les-Bains in 2004. It was a new challenge for me! I took it up thanks to a brand that corresponds to me in terms of treatment techniques and products inspired by aromatherapy, and developed to pharmaceutical standards.

How did you decide to open a second institute under the Mary Cohr affiliation 12 years later?

My franchised institute has developed well and I have been able to observe the evolution of the concept over the last 12 years. I like this model because we always have more tools, partnerships and follow-up at our disposal:

website updated directly by the marketing department, communications made available to us every six weeks, visits from the animators to help us analyse the institute's figures, visits from the trainers to be ever more efficient, and soon a Mary Cohr smartphone application intended solely for the institutes in the network which will enable us to attract new customers and build loyalty.

In 2015, the idea matured, I wanted to develop my experience as an entrepreneur and that of my beauticians, so in November 2015 I opened a new institute in Uriage-Les-Bains in my old institute, as I own the walls. This new institute is located in a catchment area with high potential in terms of purchasing power. After one month of opening we are already have already achieved an average basket size of 120e. I can see that the concept and the novelty are attracting customers, I'm delighted!

Today you manage two institutes, how do you manage the two teams?

I am regularly present in both institutes.

The team is made up of one full-time and one part-time beautician in Uriage-les-Bains and 4 beauticians in Grenoble. I have promoted two beauticians to manager in each of the two institutes. I trust my teams 100%, which has enabled us to make +20% in November 2015 compared to November 2014 in Grenoble. I can also manage the two institutes remotely via the Ikosoft manager software which allows me to check the figures, the schedule, the cash register and the tickets.

How do you see the future with the partnership?

Very well, since we have achieved the turnover I was hoping for in the first month of opening. I will be recruiting a CAP in September 2016 for Uriage and a BP in Grenoble. 2016 is a successful and challenging year thanks to the partnership with Mary Cohr!


Manager of the affiliated institute in Arpajon (91) who opened her first institute at the age of 21 with the affiliation.

"The brand, the colour code, the elegance of the furniture and cabins allow me to differentiate myself from the competition."


Manager of two affiliated institutes in Veigné and Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine (37).

"The evolution has been faster than I imagined, after 12 months of affiliation I am at +20% of turnover."