‘Beauty Doctor’ Beauty Therapists & Treatment Rooms

The beauty salon is a place for treatments and advice, where women can freely express their desire for beauty and youth with a beauty expert, the Beauty Therapist.

For over 30 years, Mary Cohr Beauty Therapists have been committed to helping make women all over the world more beautiful through a variety of treatment techniques carried out manually or with machines.

Due to expert training courses, Beauty Therapists are treatment specialists. They have in-depth knowledge of various skincare techniques ranging from Aromatherapy to Essential Oils, which treatments incorporate to ensure maximum effectiveness.

After a beauty consultation, the Beauty Therapist draws up a personalised treatment programme that takes your beauty objectives into account.

Your treatment session will consist of three key phases :


In the reassuring, professional setting of the treatment room, your Beauty Therapist will first observe your skin. She’ll ask you about treatment products, which ones work best for you, and how sensitive your skin is to cleansing.

She’ll want to know when your skin appears most tired and the ways in which signs of ageing have appeared over time.

Like a ‘Beauty Doctor’, she will determine your beauty objectives with you and help steer you towards the treatment that best suits your skin.

Carrying out the treatment

Before starting the treatment, your Beauty Therapist will explain the treatment steps, the main effects, and the expected results. 

Validating the results and the prescription

At the end of the treatment, you and your Beauty Therapist will observe the results together using a mirror. She will suggest personalised treatment products in order to help achieve and maintain your beauty objectives over the long term.

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