A laboratory that meets pharmaceutical standards

Mary Cohr treatment products are derived from science and nature, and formulated by a leading-edge cosmetics laboratory.

Mary Cohr creates and manufactures high-tech treatment formulas in a laboratory that meets exacting pharmaceutical standards.

Double certification

Mary Cohr Laboratories belong to a rare category of cosmetics manufacturers that have been certified by two quality standards conferred by Bureau VERITAS International Certification.


Mary Cohr formulates and manufactures its products in accordance with precise, rigorous pharmaceutical standards.

This certification guarantees high manufacturing standards: clean rooms, pure water that is continuously monitored, double weighing and the traceability of each product.


ISO 14001 is based on continuous improvement of environmental performance by controlling the environmental impact resulting from the company's business.

Mary Cohr's commitment is therefore twofold: continued progress and regulatory compliance.

In order to monitor the effectiveness of its treatment methods and products, Mary Cohr has recreated a pilot beauty salon in its research and development centre.
The R&D laboratory constantly researches new active ingredients discovered in recent scientific advances in an effort to continue to improve product formulas and treatment effectiveness.
Beauty Therapists working in the Research Centre can also work on testing new salon treatments as well as improving existing treatment protocols and evaluating their effectiveness.

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