Phytoxygene Body Scrub

Exfoliates Skin So It Breathes Better

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Skin is visibly smoother.

Dead cells and impurities are eliminated.

Well-exfoliated, skin "breathes" better.

Skin is ready to receive Skin Care Products.

Target area:

Skin type:
All skin types


Use advice

On damp skin, apply once or twice a week to the whole body, rubbing in gently, paying particular attention to rough areas, then rinse off with water.

Key Active Ingredients

Aloe Vera extract

Rich in sugars, which form a film on the skin's surface to limit water evaporation, moisturizing and softening the skin.

Luffa, Lotus and Bamboo seeds

Exfoliating particles of 100% natural origin, in different sizes and shapes to perfectly remove roughness and dead cells to smooth the skin.

Think about sorting!

Together, let's reduce the environmental impact of packaging.

Instructions may vary locally.

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