Holiday Firming Set

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Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating experience of the Firming Holiday Box, a collection carefully designed to firm and revitalize your skin during the holidays. This exclusive box contains two flagship products, offering perfect synergy for visibly firmer and radiant skin.

Features of the Box :

1. Age Firming (50 ml): Rediscover the youth of your skin with our Age Firming cream. Its advanced formula works in depth to nourish, revitalize and firm the skin. Enriched with powerful ingredients, this cream provides a feeling of firmness while intensely moisturizing, leaving your skin visibly more toned and radiant.

2. Age Firming Serum (10ml): Age Firming Serum, in a convenient 10ml format, is a powerful concentration of active ingredients. Applied before the cream, it reinforces the firming effect, leaving your skin with an increased feeling of firmness. Its light and silky texture absorbs quickly, leaving the skin ready to absorb all the benefits of the firming treatment.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to the luxury of firmness during the holidays with the Firming Holiday Box. An elegant way to celebrate the beauty of your skin and start the new year with a rejuvenating glow.

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