Stick’hair® Green

Patented resin with nylon fibers

Treatment's goals

In Mary Cohr beauty salons, Beauty Therapists practice an exclusive depilation method that is quick and easy and has long-lasting results.

Our highly effective resins, STICK’HAIR© Green and ÉPIL SMART Green (rosin-free), guarantee a comfortable depilation without stickiness or residue.

This method does not use strips and is gentle, comfortable and perfectly suited to sensitive areas. This mesh resin does not cause unpleasant feelings of heat when applied. It ensures perfect results, even on short or ingrown hair.

Skin type

All types

Stick’hair® Green

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Treatment Results

The combination high-quality “Green” resins and anti-hair regrowth products guarantees long-lasting results. The skin is soft, smooth and hair-free for a long time.


Manual techniques

Épil Smart Green

Épil Smart Green

ÉPIL SMART Green ensure more lang-lasting depilation removing the hair at the root.
Dépil Logic Serum

Dépil Logic Serum

When applied after depilation, Sérum Dépil Logic slows hair regrowth by attacking the hair at the root. It also soothes discomfort after depilation.

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