CatioVital “Dual Ionisation” Treatment

Personalised Deep Cleansing Skincare Treatment

Treatment's goals

From birth, the cellular activity of the skin decreases. Cells lose energy and renew themselves more slowly. The synthesis of elastic fibers slows down and the signs of aging appear.

The CatioVital “Double Youth” Treatment is a device-based method that restores youthful skin.

Treatment type

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Skin type

All skins, Normal Skin, Tired skin

Suggested price

90 to 100€

CatioVital “Dual Ionisation” Treatment

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The skin is visibly younger-looking, suppler, firmer and more radiant.


Treatment With Apparatus CatioVital Cellular Energy

Thermal Energy with the Heating Mask

Higher temperatures increase cellular activity by diffusing energy.

The “sauna effect” of the Heating Mask causes excessive secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, eliminating excess sebum and toxins from the skin.

Molecular Energy with Dynamic Ionisation

Dynamic Ionisation increases molecular agitation, allowing for the improved penetration and optimal effectiveness of the active ingredients (positive and negative) contained in the Serum Gels

Massage using Essential Oils

Adapted to the different beauty goal, Essential Oils release their beneficial properties and beauty-enhancing energy into the heart of the skin.


Treatment Device

Patented treatment device exclusively at Mary Cohr, CatioVital Cellular Energy awakens cellular activity by electrostimulation for a visible rejuvenating effect after one hour of treatment.

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CatioVital : Le soin Jeunesse adapté aux Objectifs Beauté

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