CatioVital Youth Treatment

Customised Rejuvenating Treatment, Based On Beauty Goal

Treatment's goals

An exclusive Skincare Method adapted to each client’s beauty goal to enhance the skin.

Available in 7 versions, based on the client’s beauty goals: 








Before and after-sun exposure.

Treatment type

Customised Rejuvenating Treatment

Skin type

Dehydrated skin, Dry skin, Mature skin, Sensitive skin, Oily skin, Dark spots, Skin to be prepared for the sun

Suggested price

75 to 85€

CatioVital Youth Treatment

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The skin is visibly younger-looking, suppler, firmer and more radiant.

*After 1 treatment with the Hydration Gel Serum (corneometer measurement).

**After 1 treatment with the Anti-Wrinkle Gel Serum (measurement using a camera and specific software).

Panel of 3 subjects.

At any age, women are concerned about the Beauty and Youth of their skin.

A true alternative to cosmetic medicine, CatioVital stimulates cellular energy for spectacularly rejuvenated and beautified skin.


Soin avec Appareil CatioVital Cellular Energy

Votre Esthéticienne choisira les produits de soin du CatioVital suivant vos Objectifs Beauté et votre type de peau après la Consultation Beauté.

The Heating Mask

The temperature increases cellular activity through the diffusion of energy.

The "sauna" effect of the Heating Mask hypersecretes the sebaceous and sweat glands to free the skin from excess sebum and toxins.

Dynamic Ionisation

Increases the molecular agitation and allows a better penetration and an optimal efficiency of the actives contained in the Serum-Gels.

Modeling with Essential Oils

Spread their beneficial properties and beauty energy to the heart of the skin.


Appareil de Soin

Patented treatment device exclusively at Mary Cohr, CatioVital Cellular Energy awakens cellular activity by electrostimulation for a visible rejuvenating effect after one hour of treatment.

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CatioVital : Le soin Jeunesse adapté aux Objectifs Beauté

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