Hydrating MatiFluid

Moisturising, mattifying skincare

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MatiFluide Hydratant is ideal for shine-prone skin. Its innovative formula neutralizes excess sebum for a matte complexion, while providing optimal hydration. The product's light texture allows skin to breathe, avoiding the "greasy" effect often associated with mattifying products.

Thanks to its regulating and moisturizing properties, this fluid makes an excellent make-up base, ensuring long-lasting hold. Used daily, it helps control shine, leaving skin soft and refreshed. Rediscover a luminous, shine-free complexion with MatiFluide Hydratant.

Target area:

Skin type: 
Oily skin


Use advice

Apply daily to entire cleansed face and neck.

Key Active Ingredients

Mary Cohr Purity Complex (Sebostop, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Glucobio Zn)

Regulates sebum secretion. Fights against hyperkeratinisation, which leads to the appearance of blackheads. Purifies and soothes the skin.

Hydrosmose Complex®

Hydrates and plumps up dehydration wrinkles.


Visibly and durably mattifies the skin.

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