Essence Vitale Universelle

The Energising Beauty Concentrate

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Day after day, the skin fully recovers its energy and vitality, leaving it radiantly beautiful.

Essential Oils, derived from sun-infused plants growing in warm regions, infuse the skin with natural energy.

Due to the unique and patented texture of Universal Vital Essence, the Essential Oils deeply penetrate the skin, diffusing their beneficial properties into the heart of the cells.

Universal Vital Essence is truly magical skincare.

The patented combination of its Essential Oils stimulates the skin's biological processes, allowing the active ingredients from the subsequently applied products to be more effectively absorbed into the skin and enhance its beauty!

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types


Use advice

Apply the gel to face daily, underneath your skincare products. Avoid the eye contour. Not recommend for pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Key Active Ingredients

5 Prodigious Essences

Diffuse their beneficial properties into the heart of skin and stimulate the skin’s biological processes: the active ingredients from the subsenquently applied products penetrate the skin for a better efficiency.

Essential Oil of Sage: Regenerating.

Essential Oil of Lavender: Soothing.

Essential Oil of Rosemary: Purifying.

Essential Oil of Shiu Wood: Revitalising.

Essential Oil of Red Thyme: Toning.
Raspberry Seed Oil

Helps to reconstitute the skin's hydrolipidic film.

Hydrosmose Complex

Intensely moisturises the skin.


Helps stimulate cellular respiration.


to reinforce the effectiveness of care products.

Essence Vitale Universelle : le pouvoir des Huiles Essentielles sur la Beauté

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