MultiSensitive Cream

Soothes and protects

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MultiSensitive targets all types of sensitivity,immediately and lastingly restoring softness, comfort and beauty to delicate skin. These skincare products soothe reactive, fragile and fine skin, providing protection against external stress factors. MultiSensitive skincare products are developed

in our laboratories to pharmaceuticals standards, under purified atmosphere to meet specific needs of sensitive skins.

MultiSensitive Cream diminishes reactions in sensitive skin and protects the epidermis from external stress factors (pollution, stress, variations in temperature…) to reinforce its natural defence system.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Sensible skin


Use advice

Apply to the entire face, morning and evening. Recommended during seasonal changes or when skin is weakened.

Key Active Ingredients

ActiCalm Complex

Soothes feelings of skin hypersensitivity (redness, heat, etc.).


Soothes the skin and reduces skin reactivity by targeting the causes of inflammation.

Camelina oil

Nourishes and restructures the skin barrier.

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