Pure Defense

Multi-protection cream SPF 15

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Pure Defense soothes the skin and restores comfort.

This skincare cream works like a "protective shield" to fight against external stress factors (pollution, dehydration, cigarette smoke, etc.).

Day after day, the complexion appears radiant, while imperfections and redness diminish.

Well-protected, the face radiates with renewed beauty.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Sensible skin


Use advice

Apply to thoroughly cleansed face each morning.

Key Active Ingredients

Anti-pollution protection

Defensyl: Protects the skin against the harmful effects of pollution by limiting the adhesion of polluting particles to the skin.

Cellular protection

Vitamins C and E: Protect cells from free radicals, induced by external aggressions, by neutralizing them.

Detoxiline: Protects cells from toxins generated by pollution by stimulating the natural mechanisms that eliminate cellular waste.

Anti-uv protection

UV Filters: Protect the skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.

Protection of the epidermis

Moisturising Agents: Protect the skin from sensations of discomfort by moisturising it intensly.

Epaline: Protects the skin from irritation by restoring balance and optimal tolerance.

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