Hydratation vs Nutrition, quelle différence ?

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With changing temperatures and external aggressions, your skin may be lacking in moisture and/or nutrition. But what is the difference? We answer. 

It is important to note that hydration is essential for the skin. This is not the case for nutrition. In order to fully grasp the difference between hydration and nutrition of the skin it is enough to ask yourself a simple question, "When I am thirsty, do I drink a glass of water or a glass of oil ?" 

Hydration, a water supply for the face 

When we are thirsty, water is the key. The same goes for our skin. We must therefore provide it with the hydration it needs at the time. However, water can quickly evaporate from the epidermis, creating dehydration and a lack of nutrition that manifests itself in tightness and rough skin. A skin in lack of hydration will be more attacked by microbes and allergens. The skin lacks suppleness, which favors the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For an assuredly hydrated skin, the Mary Cohr Hydrosmosis range is composed of creams, serums and masks which will be able to meet the needs for hydration of your skin. 

Nutrition brings vitamins and minerals to your face 

Our body produces its own nutritive agent: sebum. It protects the skin and provides the nutrition we need. This is why oily skin, which has excess sebum, does not need oil-based skin care and products. Oils that are only "fats" do not moisturize, but help protect the skin from dehydration. Lack of nutrition is closely linked to lack of hydration. For an assuredly nourished skin, the new rich Hydrosmosis cream Mary Cohr makes it possible to bring credits. Composed of aquasmosis and mango butter, the skin is thus durably hydrated, nourished and it quickly finds its comfort. 

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