Enriched Hydrosmose

Cellular moisturisation and nourishment cream

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Thanks to Aquasmosis, which carry the Hydrosmose® Complex, this Hydrosmose cream provides a direct and permanent source of moisturisation, closer to the cells. Also enriched with Mango Butter, it maintains an optimal balance of water and lipids so that the skin regains comfort and beauty.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
Dry skin


Use advice

Apply daily, morning and evening, over the whole face.

Key Active Ingredients

Aquasmosis (Liposomes filled with Hydrosmose Complex®)

Aquasmosis provide continual moisturisation by fusing with the cellular membranes.

Mango Butter

Mango Butter helps restore the skin’s barrier function, thanks to its nourishing and emollient properties.

Expert advice

Hydrosmose "Riche" will suit you if your skin tends to be dry, if the dryness of your skin tends to worsen according to external aggressions (e.g. the cold), if it presents areas of dryness, if your moisturiser is no longer sufficient to nourish your skin in depth.

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