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Refreshing eye care

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Special eye contour care to diminish puffiness, dark circles and heavy eyelids, whilst revitalising the eye contour.

Triple action on:

Puffiness: It visibly reduces the appearance of swelling, with skincare properties that help prevent water and fat retention.

Dark circles: It diminishes dark circles, thanks to its draining effect and instantly adds luminosity to the eyes with pearly iridescent pigments.

Heavy eyelids: It drains the skin tissue and smoothes the eyelids.

The eye contour appears fresh, rested and luminous.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types

Gel - Cream

Use advice

Apply morning and evening to the eye contour area.

Key Active Ingredients

Visibly Revitalises The Eye Contour

Decongesting Plant Extracts (Cherry Stem Extracts)

Anti-fluid retention: remove excess water from tissues (puffiness due to water retention).

Dermochlorella (Green Algae Extract)

Acts on the microcirculation to reduce dark circles.


Improve cellular cohesion for increasingly supple skin.


helps eliminate stored fat.

Hydrosmose Complex®

Provides the skin with long-lasting hydration.

Dyna lift (Sorghum extract)

Immediate tightening effect.

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