Hydrosmose “Eye Contour”

Energising cream for fine lines and dark circles

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Specially formulated for the eye contour area, this cream erases signs of fatigue, moisturises skin, smoothes away dehydration lines and reduces dark circles.

Eyes look fresh, rested and fully revitalised.

Target zone:

Skin Type:
All types


Use advice

Apply around the eye contour, morning and evening, to smooth away dehydration lines and reduces dark circles.

Key Active Ingredients

Aquasmosis (Liposomes filled with the Hydrosmose® Complex):

Carry water to the cells. Moisturise continuously by fusing with cell membranes.


Targets microcirculation to diminish dark circles.

Filler Hydrospheres

Avoid water evaporation by capturing and fixing water molecules on the skin. By filling up with water, they increase their volume to fill in dehydration lines.

Corrective pigments

Illuminate the shadow areas and minimises the appearance of dark circles.

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