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Incredible Hydrating Concentrate

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Discover our solution to revitalize your skin: the Intense Moisturizing Serum. Composed mainly of water, the epidermis is the first line of defense of our body against external aggressions. However, with age, the water content of our skin cells decreases, resulting in a loss of radiance, suppleness and youth.

Our Intense Moisturizing Serum acts in depth to counter this dehydration process. Thanks to its light and fine texture, it penetrates the heart of the epidermis, where the most active cells are located. Its high concentration of active ingredients allows an intense action, intensely rehydrating the skin and restoring it a visibly younger appearance.

The benefits of the serum are many: incredibly moisturized, smoothed and radiant with beauty. No more dehydration lines, pronounced roughness and feelings of discomfort! Combined with our complementary cream, the Intense Moisturizing Serum is the secret to younger-looking, soft and supple skin.

Don’t wait any longer to give your skin the care it deserves. Adopt our Intense Moisturizing Serum today and find your skin radiant with health and youth.

Target area :

Skin type :
All skin types

Texture :

Use advice

Apply morning and evening to the entire face, neck and décolleté, before your skincare cream, as a course of treatment.

Key Active Ingredients

Hyaluronic Acid

A molecule naturally present in the epidermis whose concentration decreases with age.

It is known for its highly moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

When present in optimal concentration, it enables the skin to considerably increase its water storage capacity.

Its high molecular weight helps to "plump up" dehydration lines on the skin's surface.


Moisturizing-restructuring active ingredient that recreates younger-looking skin's hydration by acting on the 3 fundamental skin hydration mechanisms:

  • Water storage
  • Water binding
  • Water diffusion

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